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Global Gates Persian Muslims

Persian Muslims of North America

Persians have been migrating to North America for at least one hundred years. Before the Iranian Revolution, the vast majority were students. Following the Revolution...
Global Gates Turkish Muslims

Turkish Muslims of North America

Turkey is one of the largest unreached nations in the world. Nearly all of the country identifies as Muslim, but Turks are a beautiful mosaic...
Global Gates Ripe For Harvest

Ripe For Harvest Global Gates. Reaching the Ends of the Earth through Global Gateway Cities. Ripe for Harvest. Boto Joseph: “When you look at this neighborhood it’s...
Global Gates The Most Unreached Jewish People of North America

The Jewish People of North America

Jewish peoples are the most significantly unreached people groups in North America. They not only speak a variety of languages but emigrated here from around...
Global Gates Unreached People groups Of Toronto

Unreached People Groups of the Greater Toronto Area

The Greater Toronto Area has 19 of the most unreached people group communities in North America. These groups consist of Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims, and Jewish...
UPG's of LA

Unreached People Groups of Greater Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles has 17 of the most unreached people group communities in North America. This includes the largest population of Tehrani Persian Jews in...
Global gates Unreached People Groups of Detroit

Unreached People Groups of Metro Detroit

Metro Detroit is home to nearly 150,000 Muslims from some of the least reached groups of the world. It also has significant Hindu populations from...
Global Gates Unreached People Groups of Chicago

Unreached People Groups of Chicagoland

Chicagoland is home to a diverse bunch of Muslim unreached people groups, as well as two Hindu groups and one Buddhist group.
Global Gates Unreached People Groups In North America

Unreached People Groups in North America

Spanning the religions of Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, this infographic shows 270 unreached people group communities most in need of cross-cultural evangelism.
Global Gates Unreached People Groups In San Francisco Bay Area

Unreached People Groups Of The San Francisco Bay Area

Missionaries are needed in the San Francisco Bay Area to reach Afghan Muslims, Punjabi Sikhs, Gujarati Hindus, Hindi-Speaking Hindus, Pakistani Muslims, Palestinian Muslims, Palestinian Arab...