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Join Us in Praying for the Mandinka of New York City

The Mandinka come from West Africa. Most are from the Gambia, but they also have a significant population in Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, Benin, Ghana, Great Britain, and the United States. According to the UPG Priority Matrix, there’s about 5,000 Mandinka Muslims in NYC without any believers or relevant churches among them. So as a starting point today, let’s pray for the Mandinka. Many of the Mandinka in New York speak English, so they are one of the easiest West African UPG’s for local churches to engage. 

Here are some ways to pray for the Mandinka of the Bronx in New York City:

Many Mandinka have never heard of a Mandinka Christian. Pray for a small group of Mandinka Muslims to follow Jesus and change that.

Pray for churches to take an interest in this significantly unreached group. Pray specifically over the believers in the Highbridge neighborhood in the Bronx. Ask God to raise up laborers among them. 

Pray over the growth and development of a Mandinka church. Ask that they be unified as believers and even find fellowship with other West African believers.

Pray that they would be set free from fear from Islamic sorcerers. Ask God to reveal the freedom from fear He has for them in His Word and His Holy Spirit.