Join Us to Pray for Bosniaks

Today we’d like you to take a few minutes to pray for Bosniaks around North America. Many Bosniaks (Bosnian Muslims) came to the United States as refugees from the Bosnian war in the early ‘90’s. Since that time, a whole new generation of Bosniaks has planted roots in North America. Many have stayed in the cities where they were settled but a large population has been moving to the suburbs for more comfortable lives. Even though many Bosniaks drink alcohol and ignore some pillars of Islam, their mosques in North America often function as community centers. These mosques promote and retain strong ethnic bonds. 

North America has 12 significant concentrations of Bosniaks. Around 70,000 Bosniaks live in Chicago, the largest concentration of Bosniaks outside of Bosnia. That designation used to belong to St. Louis but the community has been moving away from their enclave in Bevo Mill and their estimated population in the St. Louis area is now only 50,000. Ten other cities have between 5,000-12,000 Bosniak Muslims (Jacksonville, Phoenix, Detroit, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, New York, Toronto, Atlanta, Utica, and Bowling Green). Join us today as we pray for the unreached Bosniak Muslims of North America.

Here are a Few Specific Things to Pray for: 

Pray for God’s peace over the trauma that many experienced during the ethnic cleansing of their people in the early ‘90’s. Many endured unspeakable things, yet they feel shame around seeking help for mental health. 

Pray for a uniquely Bosniak church to start in any one of these metro areas. None of the 12 cities listed above have a church for Bosniaks. 

Pray for neighbors of Bosniaks in cities and in suburbs to be sensitive to Bosniak’s spiritual needs. Ask God to raise up faithful friends who will point nominal Bosniak Muslims toward a relationship with Jesus.