Unreached People Groups – Yemeni (Video)

Jeri: “Hello, I’m Jeri, and this is Craig, and today we’re going to be praying for the people of Yemen. There’s approximately 20,000 Yemeni people living in the Metro New York City. The largest concentration of Arab Muslims is in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, where many of them live. Otherwise, they’re all over New York City.”
“They come from both north and south Yemen, and even though they basically don’t agree on political issues, they are on friendly terms with one another. And we’re happy about that.”

Craig: “Yeah, and Yemen is such an intriguing country. I did a little research on them and it was known throughout its 4,000-year or so history that it’s the happy country. It was the green country. It was the fortunate country. It might have even been the place where the Queen of Sheba that we read of visiting King Solomon came from.”
“So, it has a rich history. The tribes, some of them are very ancient. I just loved studying.”

Jeri: “Many will work nine to 12 months out of the year and will spend the remainder of the year back home in Yemen.”

Craig: “They work so hard, because maybe say $500.00 won’t go very far here in New York City, but over in Yemen it’s a big start in building your own house, getting your business started. And so, that’s why they do this.”
“And in New York one feature that really stands out is the delis. You can hardly find a corner in some places in New York City where there is a Yemeni deli or some call them bodegas, there’s a Yemeni deli, here, there, and everywhere.”
“They’re known for their delis and good food and friendly hospitality.”

Jeri: “Which makes easy access to them to befriend and to share the gospel with them and to love them.”

Craig: “Yes, it does.”
“So, let’s pray for them right now.”
“Are you going to pray for them?”

Jeri: “Please join us.”
“Father God, we come before you on behalf of the Yemen people. Lord, we know that in Yemen it is the least evangelized country in the world. Yet having the Yemeni living right here in New York City we have easy access to share the gospel with them.”
“And God, we know that the Yemeni people that have come to know you as their Lord and Savior, their lives are in danger just as in Yemen. So, we pray for their protection. We pray for their families to come to know you through them being a light to them.”
“So, Lord we pray also for more laborers to come and to share the good news with the Yemen people group here in New York City. We just lift them up to you, God in Jesus name, amen.”

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