What is Pathways Texas?

An Introduction to Pathways 

Hi! My name is Jerry. I’m glad you found this introduction video to the Pathways Internship. Stick around for a few minutes and let me tell you about it. 

But first, have you noticed what a wonderful work that God is doing? He is bringing people from nations all around the world to us, where the gospel of Jesus Christ can be shared with them freely. God is making it easier for the church to tell the world of His love and salvation. 

It wasn’t long ago that to find people of a different culture and religion, American Christians might have to travel hundreds, and even thousands of miles. But now – and this is especially true in the gateway cities of the United States – you can find people who are culturally and religiously diverse all around you. Where you shop, work, or study, you will find people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus. They are Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and many others. 

But that brings up a potential problem. How do you talk with people from other religious backgrounds about Jesus? You may have asked yourself, “How can I talk with them on this sensitive subject, in a way that will draw us closer to one another? I don’t want to drive them away?” Many Christians admit to being nervous about, and maybe even afraid of, telling others the BEST NEWS that can ever be told. Even if that doesn’t make much sense, it is what we often feel. 

The Pathways Internship will help you build the skills that you need. You will prayerfully adopt an unreached people group and move into an apartment to live near them. As their neighbor you will get to know them and look for opportunities to spend time together. 

You will attend classes with other interns on Monday and Tuesday nights, where you will learn their worldview and how to tell them your story and the Jesus Story. There are cultural and religious bridges that help to communicate life giving truths, and Pathways will help you learn how to cross those bridges. You will learn skills and technologies that will make your witness more effective. 

Interns work with a team who are working to reach the same people group. On some evenings and weekends, you will have activities that will help you to engage your neighbors. In addition, we will take you on an overseas mission trip to work within a movement of people coming to Jesus. This is something you will want to experience first-hand. 

Pathways is a nine-month internship beginning in late August and going through the end of May. It is part of the Global Gates Network. Our leadership has extensive global experience in reaching the nations. We train others in best practices from around the world. Global Gates exists to reach the ends of the earth, beginning in the gateway cities of our own country. 

God is bringing citizens of the world to our doorstep. Shouldn’t we tell them here, building churches of these new believers, and help them to reach their friends and families back home? 

Pathways is looking for men and women who sense that God is calling them and sending them out to make disciples of all nations, like the Great Commission says. Imagine when you are present in Heaven and see others that your witness brought into that room. 

“After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people, and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb.” Revelation 7:9. 

Is this you?  If so, please check out our website at https://globalgates.info/pathwaystx/ t x and complete the application form. Our leaders will call and talk with you about your decision. Join us as a Pathways Intern this year. Your neighbors and the world need your effective witness to the salvation story of Jesus Christ.